products for cryo storage

TENAK is the leading manufacturer of racks and boxes for cryo storage. We are a full range supplier and have the most extended and competitive product range on the world marked.

Our range of rack and boxes covers most need the end-users must have.
Storage systems for ULT freezers   Liquid Nitrogen freezer storage   General labware
Storage and inventory systems for ULT freezers. TENAK offers a complete range of freezer racks, cryoboxes and rack accessories for any ULT freezer on the world market. Our racks range from inexpensive cardboard racks to high-end comfort racks with sliding shelves.

Racks, rack accessories and cryoboxes for use in ULT freezers
  Racks, cryoboxes and rack accessories for LN2 freezers. TENAK offers a wide range of products for use in cryogenic storage. Our products can be used with a large number of freezers from various manufacturers.

Racks, cryoboxes and accessories for use in Liquid Nitrogen freezers
TENAK offers a small selection of general labware, such as test tube racks. Our products are well thought out and are of the highest quality.

Labware from TENAK - test tube racks