SlimTube CRYOtubes from tenak FOR CRYOGENIC STORAGE






SlimTube 2ml 200x719

TENAK proudly present the first cryotube with external thread to be stored in standard 10 x 10 cryoboxes.

The TENAK SlimTube optimises capacity with 23.5% compared to conventional storage solutions.

In line with the current trend of smaller sample volume,the TENAK SlimTube is available in five convenient sizes: 0.5 ml, 1.0 ml, 2.0 ml, 4.0 ml, and 5.0 ml.
By storing smaller volumes the amount of samples in a freezer can be increased, thus less becomes more.

Quality standards
TENAK SlimTube is designed and manufactured in Denmark. It is subject to extensive testing, guaranteeing superb quality.

• Quality test performed by Danish Technological Institute
• Manufactured of FDA-approved, medical grade polypropylene (PP)
• Free of detectable DNA, RNA, and ATP
• Free of detectable DNase and RNase
• Sterilised after ISO 11137-2:2013
• 5 years shelf life from date of sterilisation



Article no.  




TE78305   0,5 ml SlimTube 12mmØ, Starbase, Print, Sterile  10x100ea
TE78310   1.0 ml SlimTube 12mmØ, Starbase, Print, Sterile  10x100ea
TE78315   2.0 ml SlimTube 12mmØ, Starbase, Print, Sterile  10x100ea
TE78320   4.0 ml SlimTube 12mmØ, Starbase, Print, Sterile  5x100ea
TE78325   5.0 ml SlimTube 12mmØ, Starbase, Print, Sterile  5x100ea

Colour inserts for cryo vials


Article no. Description Package
TE78350 DualColor, Color insert, Red/Blue 6x100ea
TE78355 DualColor, Color insert, Yellow/Green 6x100ea
TE78360 DualColor, Color insert, Purple/White 6x100ea
TE78365 DualColor, Color insert, 3 Assorted inserts 2x3x100ea

TE78400 MonoColor, Color insert, Red 5x100ea
TE78405 MonoColor, Color insert, Blue 5x100ea 
TE78410 MonoColor, Color insert, Yellow  5x100ea
TE78415 MonoColor, Color insert, Green 5x100ea 
TE78420 MonoColor, Color insert, Purple 5x100ea 
TE78425 MonoColor, Color insert, White 5x100ea