TENAK has developed a new rack for test tubes ranging from a diameter from 7mm to 30mm. It is not only a new product it is also a new way of thinking design and functionality.

Most important is that the Origami TubeRack is delivered flat-packed in order to reduce shipping cost and the storage space needed in the laboratory. The TubeRack is delivered in packs of 5 ready to assemble. The assembly is easy and can be done by anyone.

The TubeRack is designed to be height adjustable which makes it very flexible and usable for almost any test tube on the market. Depending on the hole diameter the racks can be used for everything from microcentrifugetubes, cryovial, over vacutainers, to 15ml and 50ml falcon tubes.
origami-tube-rack-alene 300The TubeRack has printed alphanumeric grid for easy location of the samples.
The Origami TubeRack is made of polypropylene and be used in temperatures from -45°C to 60°C.

Article no. Tube diameter HxDxW         No. of tubes
TE50510 12,5 mm 140x120x240 9x5 = 45
TE50530 18 mm 140x120x240 7x4 = 28
TE50550 30 mm 140x120x240 5x3 = 15