PC 23325 400pxpolycarbonate boxes for cryogenic storage

These boxes are for use in liquid nitrogen freezers. The boxes are designed with the ease of use in mind. The forward-sloped base, the high-contrast, imprinted indexing on the transparent lid ensure quick visual orientation. All boxes (except the 5x5 box) have hinged lid which ensure easy one-handed operation. The boxes include vent and drain hole and are stackable. The boxes can be used in temperatures from -196°C to 121°C and are autoclavable. All 133x133 mm boxes are delivered including picking tool.



Article no.  Description  Color Dimensions Package
TE22400 50mm box, 5x5 = 25 cells Red 76x76x53 mm 8 each
TE22405 50mm box, 9x9 = 81 cells Assorted 133x133x53 mm 4 each
TE22410 50mm box, 10x10 = 100 cells Blue 133x133x53 mm 4 each