Custom designed rack for chest freezers

At TENAK we can manufacture any rack you may require. Over the times we have made a lot of custom designed racks for our customers.


Our custom designed racks for chest freezers are based on either our "Classic rack" which is with a locking rod or the "Comfort rack" which is with a safety spring lock (for boxes only), both to prevent the boxes from slipping out.  


To make a custom designed rack we need to have exact overall dimensions of the boxes or microtiterplates (MTP) which are to be used in the rack. Further more we need to know in which freezer brand and model the racks will be used. These informations will have to be confirmed by mail in order to prevent misunderstandings. 

Our general delivery time for custom designed racks is within 3 weeks, depending on the complexity of the design and the volume.

To make it easy we have catagorized the different options we offer.


  • Racks for standard boxes
    You may require a different rack than the standard ones for any cryobox with a footprint from 130x130 mm to 137x137 mm. For the chest freezer it means that number of shelves, shelf height and total height can be adjusted according to your specifications.
  • Racks for small squared boxes
    You may have a smaller "than normal" box and in order to optimize the freezer capacity you need a custom made rack. We can make any rack based on the standard rack designs for boxes with a footprint of max. 130x130 mm.
  • Racks for large squared boxes
    You may have a larger "than normal" box and you need a custom made rack. We can make any rack based on the standard rack designs for boxes with a footprint of min. 137x137 mm.
  • Racks for Microtiterplates
    We of a large range of standard racks for chest freezers for microtiterplates. But you might require a different shelf height or overall height in order to optimize the storage capacity. Our racks for microtiterplates are designed for plates/boxes with a footprint of max. 134x90 mm. A MTP has a footprint of approx. 128x87 mm.  
  • Racks for odd sized boxes
    Boxes may have odd dimensions. They can be tall, long and slim or low, wide and short or any other shape. We have made racks for ex. microscopeslide boxes of different shapes, blood envelopes, steel containers etc. Let us know your requirements.
  • Racks for odd bottles, goblets, tubes etc.
    You may require to store other than boxes in your freezer. We have made racks for use with bottles, goblets, tubes, oval containers etc. In this case it is better for us to have a sample or a picture or drawing and measures of the item.

Please contact our sales team on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for help in designing your own rack and for prices.