All boxes listed below has an external footprint of 136x136 mm. Our boxes are offered in 5 different heights, 32, 50, 75, 100 and 130 mm. The boxes are made of fibreboard/cardboard and are water-repellent for longer durability.

The table below shows the article number by color and height.
Height      32 mm 40 mm    50 mm 75 mm  100 mm  130 mm 
White TE22490   TE22510 TE22500   TE22525   TE22540  TE22560 
Blue TE22492 TE22512 TE22501  TE22526  TE22541  TE22561 
Red TE22494 TE22514 TE22502  TE22527  TE22542  TE22562 
Green TE22496 TE22516 TE22503  TE22528  TE22543  TE22563 
Yellow TE22498 TE22518 TE22504  TE22529  TE22544  TE22564 

For the boxes above we offer a large range of grid dividers. Choose the number of cells and for which box height the divider should be used.
  • The 22 mm is for 32 and 40 mm boxes
  • The 30 mm is for 50 mm boxes
  • The 40 mm is for 75 mm boxes
  • The 65 mm is for 100 and 130 mm boxes
Grid dividers, height 22 mm 30 mm  40 mm 65 mm
3x3 cells, vials <42,50 mm O.D. N/A TE22690  TE22710   TE22740
4x4 cells, vials <31,75 mm O.D. N/A TE22689 TE22709 TE22739
5x5 cells, vials <25,25 mm O.D. N/A TE22688 TE22708 TE22738
6x6 cells, vials <21,00 mm O.D. N/A TE22687 TE22707 TE22737
7x7 cells, vials <17,75 mm O.D. TE22676   TE22686   TE22706  TE22736
8x8 cells, vials <15,50 mm O.D. TE22675 TE22685   TE22705 TE22735
9x9 cells, vials <13,75 mm O.D. TE22674 TE22684 TE22704 TE22734
10x10 cells, vials <12,25 mm O.D. TE22673 TE22683 TE22703 TE22733
12x12 cells, vials <10,25 mm O.D. TE22672 TE22682 TE22702 N/A
13x13 cells, vials <9,50 mm O.D. TE22671 TE22681 N/A N/A
14x14 cells, vials <8,75 mm O.D. TE22670 TE22680 N/A N/A
16x16 cells, vials <7,50 mm O.D. TE22669 TE22679 N/A N/A

N/A means not available