SAFETY SPRING LOCK for cryoboxes

The Safety Spring lock is used to prevent the cryoboxes from sliding out when pulling the rack in and out of the freezer. Use this spring instead of the locking rod. Simply place the Spring lock on the lid of the cryobox and push the cryobox in the rack. The Spring will come out together with the cryobox when pulling it out. It can be used when there is a gab between the cryobox and the shelf from 1 to 6 mm.


This Safety Spring lock can be used with TENAK Eco AluRack or Standard racks for upright freezer and Classic or EcoAlu racks for chest freezers, or with any other rack brand with a similar design. The TENAK Safety Spring lock can withstand temperatures below -200°C.


Choose from 3 different package sizes.


Article no.

  Unit    Pack size  
TE76010   Pack 10 each per pack
TE76020   Pack 100 each per pack


  Pack 500 each per pack