Rack for upright freezers

TENAK offers a wide range of storage racks for any upright freezer available on the world market.

Choose from our basic and inexpensive Eco AluRack or our Standard rack with the best price/quality ratio or our high-end Comfort rack with our unique sliding shelf system with stop alert.
Cryobox freezer rack upright Microtiterplate freezer rack upright Upright freezer rack custom made
For upright freezers we offer 5 different types of freezer racks for standard sized cryoboxes with a footprint of up to 136x136mm.

Upright freezer racks for cryoboxes
For upright freezer we have 3 different types of MTP racks. All our racks for chest freezers can be used with microtiterplates with a footprint of approx. 128x87 mm.
Racks for microtiterplates for upright freezers
Our custom designed racks for upright freezers are based on either our Standard rack side opening rack or our Comfort rack with sliding shelves

Custom designed freezer racks for upright freezers