Racks For cryoboxes - Upright freezers

For upright freezers we offer 5 different types of racks for standard sized cryoboxes with a footprint of up to 137x137mm.
(For racks 5 boxes deep, maximum footprint is 134x134mm)

The Cardboard rack is only available in a few sizes for 50 mm boxes. The next 3 rack types are for boxes with a height of 32, 50, 75, 85, 100 or 130mm. The side up rack is specially designed to fill up spare space in the freezers.
Cardboard cryobox rack Aluminium freezer rack Storage rack for upright freezer
Inexpensive, ideal for long term applications, low weight.

Freezer rack in cardboard for upright freezers
Inexpensive, for the cost focused end-user, durable, low weight.

Aluminium Freezer rack for upright freezers
Best price/quality ratio on the market, for the quality focused end-user, medium weight.

Standard rack for upright freezers
High-end freezer rack Side-up rack for lab freezers
In the Comfort rack the cryoboxes are placed in drawers. This increases the flexibility and reduces the operating weight.
Freezer rack with sliding drawers
Specially designed to fill up any spare space in the freezer.

Fill up free freezer space with the TENAK Side Up rack