Racks for microtiterplates - upright freezers

For upright freezer we have 3 different types of racks.  
All our racks for chest freezers can be used with microtiterplates with a footprint of approx. 128x87 mm.

We have designed a unique system of racks with standard shelf heights where most microtiterplates can be fitted with either one plate per shelf or you can choose to stack more plates on one shelf. The racks for MTP are available for plates with a height of 16 mm, 25 mm, 45 mm, 65 mm and 85 mm.
MTP rack in aluminium Microtiterplate freezer rack upright Freezer rack with drawers
Inexpensive, for the cost focused end-user, durable, low weight.

Aluminium microtiterplate freezer rack
Best price/quality ratio on the market, for the quality focused end-user, medium weight.

Standard rack for MTP for upright freezers
In the Comfort rack the Plates are placed in drawers. This increases the flexibility and reduces the operating weight.

High-end comfort freezer rack for MTP