• PLUG/PLAY TEMPERATURE MONITORING FOR ANY LABEasy installation, ease of use, extended features and scalable
  • OPTIMISE THE STORAGE CAPACITYRead more about the new TENAK SlimTube
  • NEW UNIQUE TOOLThe TENAK Usability Chart makes it easy to choose the right product
  • COOl & SAFE IS READYDownload an overview of the complete TENAK product portfolio in Pdf format
  • CRYOBOXES FOR ULT STORAGEHigh-end cryoboxes in cardboard, polypropylene and polycarbonate
  • RACKS FOR UPRIGHT FREEZERSFreezer racks for any upright lab freezer on the market
  • RACKS FOR CHEST FREEZERSChest freezer racks for all freezer brands
  • ORIGAMI TUBE RACKUnique tube rack for everything from microcentrifugetubes, cryovial, over vacutainers, to 15ml and 50ml falcon tubes
  • FREEZER RACK REFERENCE GUIDEFind racks for any laboratory freezer on the world market
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Freezer racks and cryoboxes for all cold storage applications

Group 3 220 LN2 220 SlimTube from TENAK Reference guide 220
Storage and inventory systems for ULT freezers. TENAK offers a complete range of freezer racks, cryoboxes and rack accessories for any ULT freezer on the world market. Our racks range from inexpensive cardboard racks to high-end comfort racks.
Racks, rack accessories and cryoboxes for use in ULT freezers
Racks, cryoboxes and rack accessories for LN2 freezers. TENAK offers a wide range of products for use in cryogenic storage. Our products can be used with a large number of freezers from various manufacturers.  
Racks, cryoboxes and accessories for use in Liquid Nitrogen freezers
TENAK offers a small selection of general labware, such as test tube racks. Our products are well thought out and are of the highest quality.


Labware from TENAK - test tube racks
This is the only complete freezer rack reference guide, where you are able to find the right racks for all the commonly sold ultra low temperature freezers.


Find the right Freezer rack for any freezer on the world market