Cardboard Rack for upright freezers

The Cardboard Rack for upright freezers from TENAK is the first cardboard rack available on the market. Due to the design and choice of material these unique racks are extremely solid and long lasting.

It is the most cost-efficient rack system available and gives the end-user a second to non-opportune for reducing costs.

The Cardboard rack for upright freezers is ideal for long term storage

Our Cardboard Rack is ideal for applications where the price is of high priority and where the storage needed is used to store away samples for long term storage.  We have designed our Cardboard Rack as a horizontal freezer rack in materials that are extremely solid and long lasting.

The Cardboard racks are available in the 3 most commonly used sizes and can be used with any freezer brand. They can be used with all standard cryoboxes with a max. dimension of 135x135x52 mm.

The racks listed below are sold without cryoboxes. In addition they are offered including standard white cardboard boxes with 9×9 or 10×10 cell dividers.

Read more about our Usability explanation and product comparison.

Box Footprint Max. 135×135 mm
Material PP Coated Cardboard
Type Side Opening
Article no. Box height HxDxW mm No. of boxes
TE26132 50 mm 225x562x139 4×4 = 16
TE26134 50 mm 285x562x139 5×4 = 20