Racks for microscope slides

At TENAK we manufacture racks for TENAK Microscope Slide Boxes for upright freezers. Our cryoboxes for microscope slides has an external footprint of 87×128 mm. The cryoboxes are made of fibreboard/cardboard with water repellent PP coating for longer durability and allows the storage of up to 25 microscope slides.

We have designed the cryoboxes in cardboard, because it is a cheaper alternative to the large traditional PP boxes.

You can find the cardboard cryoboxes for microscope slides here.

2 different types of racks for microscope slide boxes

TENAK offers 2 types of racks for microscope slides. You can choose between our Standard Rack and Comfort Rack for upright freezers.

Our Standard Racks for microscope slides is a durable storage rack for daily/frequent use and is with side opening. Our Comfort Rack is an exclusive racking system. The Comfort Rack ensure a more ergonomic operating process when working with your microscope slides as it has a front opening, and the microscope slide boxes are stored in shelves for easier access.

Racks for microscope slides side opening


The Standard racks for Microscope Slide Boxes are an inexpensive storage system. The Standard Rack has side opening.

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Racks for microscope slides front opening shelf


The Comfort Racks for Microscope Slide Boxes is an exclusive and ergonomic racking system. The Comfort Rack has front opening.

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