Freezer racks for cryoboxes – Chest Freezers

For chest freezers we offer 5 different types of freezer racks for standard sized cryoboxes with a footprint of up to 136x136mm.

The first 3 freezer racks are for cryoboxes with a height of 32, 40, 50, 75, 85, 100 or 130mm. The first 3 racks are our basic and inexpensive Eco AluRack, our Classic Rack with a locking rod, and our high-end Comfort Rack with our unique Safety Spring Lock. All of our racks are designed to help you make the most efficient storage space in your freezers. We offer racks for all needs the end-user must have, whether it is storage racks for daily/frequent use or long term storage.

The Alu FlexRack is designed for applications where flexibility is required. The Side Up Rack is specially designed to fill up spare space in the freezers.

Freezer alu racks for cryoboxes


The Eco Alurack is an inexpensive and low weight rack, which is ideal for long term storage.

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Best price/quality ratio on the market, for the quality focused end-user, with locking rod, medium weight.

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For ergonomically right working position, with TENAK Safety spring lock system, medium weight.

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Freezer flex racks for cryoboxes


Specially designed for applications where the end-user needs a high level of flexibility.

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Specially designed to fill up any spare space in the freezer. Store up to additional 130 boxes.

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