Comfort Rack for Microscope Slide Boxes

The Comfort Rack for TENAK Microscope Slide Boxes have spring locks mounded on each shelf to secure the cryoboxes, which insure a ergonomic and flexible operating process. The slide boxes can be removed by a light push from the back of the rack and easily inserted again, without the use of locking rod etc.

The Rack for TENAK Microscope Slide Boxes are compatible with all freezer models. The racks are made of stainless steel.

It is possible to order cardboard boxes for microscope slides matching our Comfort Racks. The cryoboxes for our Comfort Rack are made of fibreboard/cardboard with water repellent PP coating for longer durability and allows the storage of up to 25 microscope slides.
The cardboard boxes for microscope slides can be found here


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Material Stainless Steel
Locking System Safety Spring Lock
Features Pop Up Handle
Article no. Box height HxDxW mm No. of boxes
TE30520 32 mm 288x135x92 8
TE30522 32 mm 324x135x92 9
TE30524 32 mm 360x135x92 10
TE30526 32 mm 396x135x92 11
TE30528 32 mm 432x135x92 12
TE30530 32 mm 468x135x92 13
TE30532 32 mm 504x135x92 14
TE30534 32 mm 540x135x92 15
TE30536 32 mm 576x135x92 16
TE30538 32 mm 612x135x92 17
TE30540 32 mm 648x135x92 18
TE30542 32 mm 684x135x92 19
TE30544 32 mm 720x135x92 20