Storage racks for chest freezers

TENAK offers a wide range of storage laboratory freezer racks for all chest freezers available on the world market. All of our racks for chest freezers are manufactured in our factory in Denmark. TENAK offers storage racks for cryoboxes, racks for MTP or SBS format plates/racks, and racks for microscope slide boxes.

Choose between our basic and inexpensive Eco AluRack, our Classic Rack with a locking rod, or our high-end Comfort Rack with our unique Safety Spring Lock. All of our racks are designed to help you make the most efficient storage space in your freezers. We offer racks for all needs the end-user must have, whether it is storage racks for daily/frequent use or long term storage.

racks for chest freezers


For chest freezers we offer 5 different types of freezer racks for standard sized cryoboxes with a footprint of up to 136x136mm.

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racks for chest freezers mtp


We have designed a unique system of freezer racks with standard shelf heights where most microtiterplates can be fitted.

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racks for chest freezers microscope slides


We have designed racks for microscope slide boxes. The racks are designed to fit our cardboard boxes for microscope slides.

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racks for chest freezers custom racks


At TENAK we can manufacture any rack you may require. Over time we have made a lot of custom designed racks for our customers.

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