Cardboard cryoboxes WxD 133×133

All cardboard cryoboxes for lab freezer racks listed below has an external footprint of 133×133 mm. Our cryobox is offered in 6 different heights: 32, 40, 50, 75, 100 and 130 mm. The boxes are made of fibreboard/cardboard and have a water repellent PP coating for longer durability.

Our TENAK cryoboxes can withstand temperatures down to -196°C.

The table below shows the article number by color and height.

Height 32 mm 40 mm  50 mm 75 mm 100 mm 130 mm
White TE22000 TE22030 TE22005 TE22050 TE22100 TE22080
Blue TE22001 TE22032 TE22010 TE22055 TE22101 TE22082
Red TE22002 TE22034 TE22015 TE22060 TE22102 TE22084
Green TE22003 TE22036 TE22020 TE22065 TE22103 TE22086
Yellow TE22004 TE22038 TE22025 TE22070 TE22104 TE22088

For the TENAK cardboard cryobox a large range of grid dividers are available. Choose the number of cells and for which cardboard cryobox height the divider should be used.

  • The 22 mm is for 32 and 40 mm boxes
  • The 30 mm is for 50 mm boxes
  • The 40 mm is for 75 mm boxes
  • The 65 mm is for 100 and 130 mm boxes
Grid dividers, height 22 mm 30 mm  40 mm 65 mm
3×3 cells, vials <41 mm O.D. N/A TE22111 TE22124 TE22147
4×4 cells, vials <31 mm O.D. N/A TE22112 TE22125 TE22148
5×5 cells, vials <24 mm O.D. N/A TE22113 TE22126 TE22149
6×6 cells, vials <20 mm O.D. N/A TE22114 TE22127 TE22150
7×7 cells, vials <17 mm O.D. TE22090 TE22106 TE22130 TE22140
8×8 cells, vials <15 mm O.D. TE22091 TE22108 TE22132 TE22142
9×9 cells, vials <13 mm O.D. TE22092 TE22110 TE22134 TE22144
10×10 cells, vials <12 mm O.D. TE22093 TE22120 TE22136 TE22146
12×12 cells, vials <10 mm O.D. TE22094 TE22115 TE22137 N/A
13×13 cells, vials <9 mm O.D. TE22095 TE22116 N/A N/A
14×14 cells, vials <8 mm O.D. TE22096 TE22117 N/A N/A
16×16 cells, vials <7 mm O.D. TE22097 TE22118 N/A N/A

N/A means not available.