Cryoboxes for liquid nitrogen freezers

All TENAK cryoboxes in cardboard and polycarbonate are high quality. All of our cardboard cryogenic storage boxes can be used in ln2 liquid nitrogen freezers (vapor phase).

Easy sample identification and ideal for all storage applications

Our boxes in polycarbonate are manufactured with clear covers, which results in easy sample identification. Our polycarbonate cryoboxes for ln2 freezers are ideal for sample storage and transportation, as they can be stacked on each other.

The boxes in polycarbonate can be used in temperatures from -196°C to 121°C and are autoclavable. All of our polycarbonate boxes are made with vent and drain holes, to ensure removal of melted ice or liquid nitrogen.

Our cryoboxes for ln2 freezers are designed to fit a wide range of tube sizes

TENAK manufacture cardboard cryoboxes for ln2 freezers, which have grid dividers included. Both our cardboard cryoboxes and polycarbonate cryoboxes are designed to fit a wide range of different tube sizes, and can be ordered in different colors for easier organising.

cardboard cryoboxes for ln2 freezers


The cardboard boxes are made with water repelling PP coating and are delivered including dividers.

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Polycarbonate boxes for use in liquid nitrogen freezers


These boxes are for use in LN2 freezers. The boxes are designed with the ease of use in mind.

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