Side Up Rack for chest freezers

The vertical racks for chest freezers are designed to fill up spare space in laboratory freezers, which will result in less energy consumption, because the laboratory freezer will have less room for warm air every time you open the freezer door. The majority of the energy your freezer uses goes towards cooling down the air that comes in when you use the freezer. Our TENAK Side Up Rack will therefore save you energy and money, because you exploit the remaining space in the laboratory freezer.

As mentioned above there are a spare space in the laboratory freezer after fitting the standard sized racks. In order to use this space we have designed these Side Up Racks where the boxes are turned vertical. The laboratory freezer racks will fit into a gap of minimum 37 mm for the 32 mm boxes and 57 mm for the 50 mm boxes.

The vertical racks for chest freezers will fit into any chest freezer where there are empty space to exploit. The racks are secured with a sleeve when they are stacked.

The racks can be used with cryoboxes with a footprint of max. 136×136 mm.

The racks are made of stainless steel.

Article no. Box height HxDxW mm No. of boxes
TE21390 32 mm 140x420x36 3
TE21391 32 mm 140x556x36 4
TE21392 32 mm 140x695x36 5
Article no. Box height HxDxW mm No. of boxes
TE21394 50 mm 140x420x56 3
TE21395 50 mm 140x556x56 4
TE21396 50 mm 140x695x56 5