Classic steel rack for cryogenic freezers

The classic steel rack for cryogenic freezers come with a locking rod to secure the cryoboxes. The racks are made of stainless steel. Our Classic Steel Rack for cryogenic freezers can easily work with temperatures below -150°, and are compatible with a large number of freezers from various manufacturers. Our Classic Steel Rack has the best price/quality ratio on the market, and the rack is for the quality focused end-user.

These racks are for standard sized boxes with 9×9 and 10×10 cell dividers with a max. footprint of 134×134 mm, and half sized boxes with 5×5 cell divider with a max. footprint of 83×83 mm.

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Box Footprint Max. 136×136 mm
Racks with locking rod Max. 134×134 mm
Material Stainless Steel
Locking System Locking Rod

Article no. Box height HxDxW mm No. of boxes
TE21448 50 mm 170x140x140 3
TE21449 50 mm 280x140x140 5
TE21450 50 mm 335x140x140 6
TE21451 50 mm 390x140x140 7
TE21440 50 mm 445x140x140 8
TE21441 50 mm 500x140x140 9
TE21452 50 mm 555x140x140 10
TE21454 50 mm 610x140x140 11
TE21456 50 mm 665x140x140 12
TE21478 50 mm 720x140x140 13
TE21430 50 mm 775x140x140 14
TE21432 50 mm 832x140x140 15
Article no. Box height HxDxW mm No. of boxes
TE21410 50 mm 500x83x83 9
TE21412 50 mm 555x83x83 10
TE21414 50 mm 610x83x83 11
TE21416 50 mm 665x83x83 12
TE21418 50 mm 720x83x83 13
TE21420 50 mm 775x83x83 14
TE21422 50 mm 832x83x83 15