Cryoboxes for ULT freezers

All TENAK cryoboxes for ULT freezers in cardboard and polycarbonate are high quality. Our TENAK cryoboxes can withstand temperatures down to -196°C.

Easy identification and ideal for sample storage

Our cryobox in cardboard and polycarbonate can be ordered in different colors for easy sample identification, and the cryoboxes are ideal for sample storage and transportation. TENAK manufacture origami cryogenic boxes which are easy to assemble and they are ideal for reducing the storage space needed to store away the cryoboxes.

All of our cryoboxes can be fitted with grid dividers that are designed to fit a wide range of tube sizes.

As a standard we offer our cardboard cryoboxes in 6 different heights with footprints from 133×133 mm to 136×136 mm with a large range of grid dividers.

Custom designed cryoboxes

TENAK can custom make any cryobox in cardboard, in any dimension that the costumer may require. If you or you, your company or your customers need a custom logo printed on the cryoboxes for ULT freezers, we can do this as well.

Our cryobox in polypropylene for ULT freezers are autoclavable and have cellcodes/index printed on the lid for easy identification.


Cardboard cryoboxes with PP coating for longer durability. The boxes are offered in 6 different heights: 32, 40, 50, 75, 100 and 130 mm.

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Cardboard cryoboxes with PP coating for longer durability. Offered in 6 different heights: 32, 40, 50, 75, 100 and 130 mm

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TENAK Origami is a unique developed cryobox concept. The Origami box consists of a lid and a bottom which is delivered “Plano”.

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Boxes in Polycarbonate for use in mechanical freezers and in liquid nitrogen tanks.

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We offer to make any box according to your specifications. TENAK can make boxes with any print design you may like.

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