Double tray for upright freezers

The Double Tray bins for upright freezers are designed for applications where the samples are neither stored in boxes or has odd sizes. The Double trays are basically a rack with two drawers including a lid with a handle on the front.

The Double trays are available with the exact same width as our standard racks, which is 139 mm, or with a doubled width of 278 mm. Our Double Tray bins for upright freezers is compatible with all freezer brands. The racks are made of stainless steel.

Article no. Tray width HxD mm
TE29300 139 mm 170x420
TE29304 139 mm 225x420
TE29308 139 mm 280x420
TE29320 139 mm 170x560
TE29324 139 mm 225x560
TE29328 139 mm 280x560
TE29332 139 mm 325x560
TE29336 139 mm 385x560
TE29350 139 mm 170x680
TE29354 139 mm 225x680
TE29358 139 mm 280x680
TE29362 139 mm 325x680
Article no. Tray width HxD mm
TE29400 278 mm 170x420
TE29404 278 mm 225x420
TE29408 278 mm 280x420
TE29420 278 mm 170x560
TE29424 278 mm 225x560
TE29428 278 mm 280x560
TE29432 278 mm 325x560
TE29436 278 mm 385x560
TE29450 278 mm 170x680
TE29454 278 mm 225x680
TE29458 278 mm 280x680
TE29462 278 mm 325x680